Purpose This is an x-ray examination of the salivary glands and ducts with the use of a contrast material.


Length of Test 30 minutes - 1 hour.


Patient Prep If the patient has known allergies to contrast or iodine, the patient should contact the referring physician prior to his/her patient visit so that proper premedications can be administered.


For a contrast injection, a patient consent form will need to be signed before procedure.A consent form should be obtained from immediate family for pediatric, confused or disoriented patients.


Procedure The patient will lie on his/her back for the test. The patient will suck on a wedge of fresh lemon which allows for the salivary ducts to open.


The cannula* will be inserted into the duct and a small amount of contrast material will be injected.


The technologist will proceed with a few x-rays. Occasionally a cat scan will then be performed to see the area of the mouth in cross-sectional views.


A radiologist will review both studies and compare the results. A report will be sent to the referring physician.


*Cannula: A small, thin hollow tube with a blunt end for insertion